We affectionately call the connection between Hamburg and Gambia HAMBIA.

HAMBIA  is organised in two sister societies, which are registered as non-profit organisations according to the respective state law, and is organised in a cooperative and work-sharing manner.

The statutory purpose of both associations is the promotion of qualified development cooperation.
The aim is to support people in need, especially people with physical and mental disabilities, in The Gambia.

The Story behind

Anja's youngest child, Mikael-Habte, was born with Down Syndrome and a visual impairment.

Through him, the idea germinated to help people with disabilities in The Gambia in particular and to support them in leading a better life.

Together with Mikael's older siblings Noah and Hewan and her Gambian husband Musa, Anja Selassie-Fatty founded the HAMBIA Hamburg-Gambia Charity Funds e.V. in the summer of 2020.

Association Board in The Gambia.

Top, left to right:

Hewan Selassie ( HAMBIA Germany),

Ebraima Gaye (HAMBIA Public Relations Officer/Teacher for deaf),

Karlilu Ceesay (HAMBIA Second Treasurer/Builder),

Saruba Dampha (HAMBIA Treasurer/Senior nurse and midwife),
Awa Sumbundu (HAMBIA Secretary and Assistant/ Teacher and student (English and Public Administration); 

Anja Selassie-Fatty (HAMBIA Germany)

Below, left to right:
Anthony Gomez (Supporter),
Sambojang Fofana (HAMBIA Organizer/taxidriver)
Musa Fatty (Chairman HAMBIA Gambia/Order picker) 

Asssociation Board in Germany

Anja Selassie-Fatty,

Chairwoman, Social Manager

Charlotte Hartig, Secretary, Studies in Rescue Engineering, project experience in East Africa

Hewan Selassie-Bojang, Deputy Chairwoman, 

practical experience in curative education, 

extended stays in The Gambia

Mara Hartig, Treasurer,

Business Economist

Laura Helbig, Assessor, 

Special education teacher